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As part of their functions, Aragón Ecológico carries out the activities corresponding to a register of operators to work on organic farming in Aragón and those corresponding to a Product Certification Entity, to do so, the following aims are suggested:

1. Registration in the register of producers, manufacturers and importers meeting the Organic Farming Protocol.

3. Training on subjects related to organic agro-food field.



2. Control and certification of agri-food products submitted to the organic farming productions methods.

4. Generic promotion of Aragonese organic farming

Besides, Aragón Ecológico watches over the fact that certified producers, manufacturers and importers keep and meet the conditions on which they based their certification, following the general or specific procedures and criteria applied to each case, previously or subsequently to their registration and certification.



Since the Organic Farming Aragonese Comittee took on the powers on Organic farming in 1995, there has been a remarkable increase in organic production, in terms of cultivated area and manufacturing and trading activities as well as in the number of registered operators supporting these production technique, the most respectful to environment and the only one ensuring food safety and animal wellness.

In 1995, organic farming area was 5,402 hectares, according to the Ministry figures, in 2021 they reach 103,851 hectares. Regarding the number of operators, there has been a relevant increase, from 101 in 1995 to 1,658 in 2021.

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Organic farming in Aragón is structured through the Comité Aragonés de Agricultura Ecológica (Organic Farming Aragonese Comittee), created by the Order of 20th April 1995 of the Ministry of Farming, Stockbreeding and Mountains of the Regional Government of Aragón (BOA nº 54), nowadays ruled by the Law of 9/2006 of 30th November of Food Quality in Aragón to  develop organic farming production systems in the Automous Community territory basing on the EU Rule 2092/1991, abolished by EU Rule nº 834/2007 on organic food production and labelling and developed by other rules.


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Article 12.2 of Law 8/2015, of March 25, on Transparency of Public Activity and Citizen Participation of Aragon

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