The Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is organising the Extensive Livestock Farming Dialogue Forum in the city of Toledo, scheduled for 16-17 May. This meeting aims to address the challenges facing extensive livestock farming and to take advantage of future opportunities, especially to promote the participation of young people in this activity.

The forum, in collaboration with agricultural organisations, cooperatives and autonomous communities, seeks to facilitate dialogue between the various actors in the sector to analyse needs and propose measures in areas such as health, the environment and the economy.

The event, which focuses on cattle, sheep and goats, is expected to address issues such as climate change, farm profitability and market uncertainties. The conclusions of the forum will be fundamental for establishing short, medium and long-term actions to promote the sustainability and profitability of extensive livestock farming in Spain.

The event will be attended by leading experts, such as the Secretary General for Agricultural Resources and Food Safety, Fernando Miranda, and Professor Alfonso San Miguel, who will give keynote speeches.

The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, will close the event, highlighting the Government’s support for extensive livestock farming, recognised as a strategic sector for the Spanish countryside.

The forum is part of the government’s broader commitment to the agricultural sector, which includes specific measures to support livestock farming, such as relaxing regulations, support for animal health and the organisation of this sectoral meeting.

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