“Food from Spain 2024” Award

The Official State Gazette (BOE) has been the medium through which the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has announced the call for the prestigious “Food from Spain 2024” Award. This award, which has been running since 1987, seeks to highlight and promote various aspects of the food chain, ranging from the production to the consumption of Spanish food.

This year’s edition encompasses multiple categories, reflecting the diversity and breadth of the food industry. The categories include Food Industry, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Organic Production, Food Internationalisation, Fisheries and Aquaculture Production, Communication, Catering, Promotion, Food Waste Reduction Initiative, and the coveted Extraordinary Food from Spain Award.

These awards not only seek to recognise excellence in production and marketing. But also efforts in areas such as innovation, rural development, environmental sustainability, internationalisation and the production of quality food. Participants interested in competing for these awards must submit their applications through the ministry’s electronic headquarters, following the standard form available on the website.

Candidates have the option of submitting their applications in person on paper, either at the General Registry of the Ministry or at the places specified by law. The deadline for submitting applications is from the day after the publication of the extract of the call for applications in the BOE (20 February) until 25 March inclusive.

So, the full call for entries, as well as the full terms and conditions with all the details can be viewed at this link.




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