The new Board of Directors of the Aragonese Committee for Organic Agriculture has been constituted.

Last Friday, October 20th, the new Board of Directors of the Aragonese Committee of Organic Agriculture was constituted after the elections held last October 4th, in which the candidacy ‘Diversity of productions in equal conditions; for the public certification’ headed by Antonio Artal was the winner.

In addition to Antonio Artal, the new board will be composed of Cooperativa Aceites del Matarraña, who will be vice-president; José Francisco Ponce Lázaro; Altas Cinco Villas Sociedad Cooperativa; José Francisco Ponce Lázaro; Rafael Nasarre Sus; Ester Ciria Monaj; SAT Nº 165 ARACALIBRE; La Calandina SCL and Granja Virgen del Rosario SCL.

After taking office, Artal thanked the members of the previous board for their work.

For this new mandate, Artal declared that in his opinion “we need to talk less about the committee and more about organic farming”. The next step is to request a meeting with the agricultural organisations and the Regional Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Food of the Government of Aragon, Ángel Samper, in order to work together to design a roadmap to increase the number of hectares and organic operators. In order to achieve the objectives of the European Farm to Table strategy.