Since the Organic Farming Aragonese Comittee took on the powers on Organic farming in 1995, there has been a remarkable increase in organic production, in terms of cultivated area and manufacturing and trading activities as well as in the number of registered operators supporting these production technique, the most respectful to environment and the only one ensuring food safety and animal wellness.

In 1995, the area under organic production was 5,402 hectares, the figures published by the Ministry in 2022 amount to 106,716 hectares. There has also been a significant increase in the number of operators, from 101 registered operators in 1995 to 1,688 in 2022.

Statistic data: (Ministry of Farming, Food and Environment)

Provisional statistics Aragón Ecológico 2021

Provisional data 2021 to be confirmed by the Ministry

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