In Aragon, up to seven slaughterhouses are certified organic.

Producing food of animal origin without health risks and respecting the environment. These slaughterhouses process pork, beef, chicken, goat and sheep meat. Although they represent only 1% of the total slaughter, the number of organic farmers has increased by 28% in the last year, reaching almost 100.



One example is Luis Lascorz, an organic livestock farmer who uses an organic slaughterhouse in Aínsa. He works with local farmers who raise and feed their animals naturally, following strict protocols of cleanliness and traceability. More than 20% of the meat slaughtered at this abattoir is organic and sold locally, minimising transport and reducing the carbon footprint.

This facility promotes sustainability, local produce and the local economy. The uneaten meat scraps go to a dunghill managed by the Bearded Vulture Conservation Foundation, where they are used by carrion-eating birds such as bearded vultures and Egyptian vultures, thus contributing to the conservation of endangered species.

In this cycle, more than 30,000 kilos of remains from the slaughterhouse are destined annually to the bird of prey feeder, thus closing the cycle of sustainable use of resources and promoting the conservation of local biodiversity.

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