Since the 1st of January 2022, organic food has been regulated by EU Regulations nº 2018/848, abolishing nº 834/2007 on organic food production and labeling and Regulation nº 889/2008 by which dispositions of application of EU Regulation 834/2007 and EU Regulation nº 1235/2008 of 8th of December 2008 from the European Commission are established, by which dispositions of application of the European Council on organic food imports from third parties are established.

Those Regulations state, among other terms, the obligation to submit farmers, importers and manufacturers willing to trade Organic Farming products, to a control regime to ensure that production rules are fulfilled and incompatible techniques with this farming modality are not to be used, such as fertilizing grounds with chemical fertilizers, using pesticides, etc.

Organic food are identified in markets because they have a label given when all the established checkings have been passed. If they do not have that label, no matter publicity states them as organic, they cannot be considered to be so, as they lack the guarantee certificate, being a fraud to consumers.

Farms certification process requires a time during which the management system must be adapted to the requirements of organic farming. This process is called reconversion and its duration may be different depending on the kind of crop.


No 2018/848


No 834/2007

(Update date: December – 2023)


Regulations List


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