Study of the demand for organic food products in Spain 2023

Consumption of organic products continues to grow in Aragon. One out of two purchasers of organic food products has maintained their consumption in the last year. In addition, the proportion of purchases in the basic food categories has decreased but monthly spending is higher than in 2021. Although the intention to spend is contained by the increase in prices, 90% of consumers would like to buy more food with organic certification.

Aragón Ecológico has prepared a new report detailing the purchasing habits and consumer profiles of certified organic products in Aragón and Spain.

Tamar Buil, PhD in Marketing and university professor of undergraduate and postgraduate studies, author of the report, accompanied by Antonio Artal, president of the Aragonese Committee of Organic Agriculture, have been responsible for carrying out the presentation this morning at the stand of Aragon Food at the Food Fair, the document that includes our second study on consumer habits in which we increased the largest number of references and respondents to date in the field of consumption of organic products.

Aragon currently has more than 1700 organic operators and 250 companies.

Here you can download the study of the demand for organic food products in Spain 2023



Aragón Ecológico