Operators Registry Aragón Organic Certification

In order to be able to carry out commercial operations with the Organic Agriculture denomination, all producers, manufacturers and importers from third countries must register with the Aragonese Committee for Organic Agriculture, Control Authority appointed in the BOA Order of April 20, 1995 by the Department of Agriculture of the Government of Aragon.

In the Aragonese Committee for Organic Agriculture, three official Registers are kept:

1. Register of Agricultural and/or Livestock Production Companies (P): holders of agricultural holdings.
2. Register of Manufacturing and/or Marketing Companies (E): holders of agri-food industries.
3. Register of Importing Companies from Third Countries (I): Importers.

In order to one of these registries, the holder must fill out application forms and provide documentation that will allow the facilities, plots and/or livestock that make up the productive unit to be registered, as well as the activity carried out there, to be perfectly identified. Once this documentation has been delivered and a registration fee has been paid, a technician from the Committee will visit the plots/facilities, in which the minutes are drawn up, where the veracity of the registration request is verified, as well as the conditions for following the regulations.

If the request is accepted, this inspection visit will be repeated every year. With the information collected, the file will go to a Qualification Committee, made up of independent renowned professionals within their activity, who will decide whether their registration is accepted and will give them a start date for the internship.

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To register for the following scopes::


Solicitud de certificación
e inscripción de operadores de productos transformados

Solicitud inscripción

Descripción de la explotación
y medidas (Producción Vegetal)

Impreso para
domiciliación bancaria

Política y Compromiso
de Calidad

Solicitud de ampliación:
Inscripción de nuevas parcelas

Solicitud de autorización de Material de Reproducción Vegetativa (MRV)

Logotipo europeo
Logotipo certificación Aragón Ecológico

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