MIEL BALIERA is a family project aiming at protecting the environment where we live and offering the best of our beehives, regarding honey as health. Our production is limited because we want our bees to be happy and not overexploited and also because we look for high quality honey.

We are located in Cornudella de Baliera, Arén, a little paradise in the Aragonese Ribagorza.

Why did you opt for organic production?

We did so because it connects with our lifestyle. It is urgent to do things differently to protect our environment, which eventually means to look after ourselves. We regard honey as health and that is why we think it is essential to be obtained by organic management. Besides, bees are incredible creatures to be especially looked after. We have the organic seal so that those who do not know about us can trust our way to work.


What do you think of the current organic products trade?

It is getting wider and wider. People’s awareness is rising and we think the seal will soon be a requirement from a lot consumers.

How do you manufacture your products?

We wait until the bees have honey surplus. Whenever we extract honey we always leave them enough honey and we try them to have enough bloomings for them to support themselves without any difficulty. We do not artificially feed the bees but in emergency situations (when beehives survival is in danger because of pests or draughts). After honey is extracted it is left to ripen before tubbing. We control temperature and we use mechanical extraction methods to be able to offer a high quality raw honey. We ourselves tub it in our facilities.

What is consumers’ perception of certified organic honey?

Those who consume our honey notice a more intense flavour with hints.

Where can your products be acquired?

Our products can be bought at Tinos in Arén and in AVECINAL, Bioselecta and La Salud in Zaragoza.

Miel Baliera

Calle Unica, Cornudella de Baliera, Arén

CP 22583

Contacto Carlota Muñoz 630712374