Ecovino Awards 2023. Call for the International Organic Wine Competition.

The association Cultura Permanente has already opened the call for the fourteenth edition of the International Organic Wine Competition, the largest in Spain dedicated to organically produced wines by number of samples submitted, as well as the largest wine competition organised from La Rioja, but it is open to all wine regions in the world. We are talking about the Ecovino Awards 2023 competition.

With this wine competition, the organisation and all the entities that support them, such as the C.R.D.O.Ca. Rioja, the C.R. de la Producción Agraria Ecológica de La Rioja or the University of La Rioja, among others, aims to promote the production of organic wines, to make known the wealth of wine and the good work of the participating wineries, and especially, to extol the organic character, care for the environment and responsible consumption, to give visibility to organic wines, musts, vermouths, sangrias, distillates and vinegars (which have the corresponding organic accreditation in each country) from around the world and to stimulate the production of organic production.

The call for the Ecovino 2023 Awards is open from today, January 3, and until March 7, 2023. The deadline for sending the samples will be from February 7 to March 17, and the tastings will take place throughout April in the Sensory Analysis Room of the Technological Scientific Complex of the University of La Rioja.

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