Ecotambo is a family project supporting organic food and agrifood elaboration to revitalise local economy in Cinco Villas.

Why did you opt for organic production?

We always say the same, our motivation is based on three pillars (or three reasons): the ethical ones, the social ones and the financial ones. In the first place, because we think that it is the most respectful way of producing to the planet, to consumers and to producers (ethics); secondly, because it is a way of revitalising local economy, creating jobs where they were not before (social), and last but not least, because it is a way to give added value to our productions, which makes our family farm more sustainable (financial).

What do you currently think of the organic products trade?

It is clearly growing, with an already relevant and strong base, but with a huge growth potential in Europe as well as in Spain.

What is your manufacturing process like?

At Molino Ecotambo we have two lines of agrifood manufacturing. A stone mill to grind old cereal grains and produce handmade flours and a rice mill/peeler. All our raw materials are organically grown in our farm.

What is consumers’ perception of certified organic products?

The most important thing is that they are able to identify them and understand what it means. The clearest concept is to have the certainty that any product having the eco seal has been made without chemicals, with all the advantages it involves to consumers’ health, to environment and to producers who so lovingly care for our land.