Ecomonegros is an organic bakery that transforms ancient wheat, Aragón 03 and Florencia Aurora into flour, pastries and healthy bakery products, with all the flavour and in a sustainable way. They are located in Leciñena (Zaragoza) and sell in their own shops in Zaragoza and through their website Why did you decide to focus on selling organic products?

When we started with the recovery of the Aragón 03 wheat variety, we wanted to assure the consumer that we were doing so in compliance with certain rules. Rules that brought cultivation closer to traditional methods: rotation, no use of herbicides and pesticides, respect for the environment and a more sustainable way of farming.

What certified organic products can we find in your establishment?

Flour, bread and bakery.

What do consumers demand most?

Good bread, and sugar-free pastries (which is difficult in organic farming)

What are the main questions you have?

The differences between eco and conventional. And how to tell them apart. They are surprised that we don’t make more products, and due to the documentation that needs to be done we are limited to making only about 30-40 references. They are also curious about how difficult it is to find raw materials

Do consumers really know when a product is truly organic?

The usual customers do, but the new ones confuse eco with vegetarian, with products for diabetics, with light products..