The course “ECOLOGICAL CULTIVATION OF ARTICHOKE” of the Agroecology Training Programme promoted by Zaragoza Dinámica will start in March.
The aim of this online course is to learn more about artichoke cultivation, which has traditionally been carried out in the irrigated areas of the Ribera del Ebro.
In this session we will learn about the varieties most commonly used for its cultivation, whether the plant has been produced by sexual reproduction (seed) or by vegetative reproduction (clogs), the characteristics of the crop and the main pests and diseases that can affect it, as well as the fundamental aspects of harvesting and post-harvesting. All of this will be approached from the perspective of agroecological production.

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📅 del 03/05/2024 a 03/05/2024 de 9:30 a 13:30 h.

⏳ 4 h.

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