Cost analysis in organic horticulture

In the analysis of production costs in organic horticulture, the economic management of horticultural farms is addressed, highlighting the importance of understanding the fundamental aspects of this sector. In many cases, these are small-scale farms that focus their marketing on direct sales and short circuits. This approach allows them to cut down on intermediaries and ensure that the added value of the sale is passed on to the producers themselves.

The online workshop aims to explore the economic viability of these farms, focusing on economic efficiency. Through practical examples and the use of tools such as spreadsheets or specialised software such as Hortagest, the aim is to provide participants with the necessary tools to evaluate and improve the profitability of their organic horticultural farms. This detailed analysis will not only benefit farmers in terms of financial management, but will also contribute to strengthening the sustainability and resilience of the organic horticulture sector.






Workers in the agricultural sector, self-employed or in a situation of ERTE or unemployed, as well as young people who want to join the agro-ecological production. Links to the agri-food sector in Aragon will be an asset.



  • Key points in the management of organic horticultural farms at an economic level.
  • Practical examples of organic horticultural farm management.
  • Management support tools: spreadsheets and Hortagest.

On-line course taught through the TEAMS platform.

Links will be sent to registrants.



  • D. Jordi Puig. Coordinator of L’Espigall. Advice on agroecology, climate modelling and biodiversity.


  • Date:15/03/2024
  • Timetable: 8:30 a 13:30h


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